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September 15, 2009
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Wormwood by lvl9Drow Wormwood by lvl9Drow
This is my take on Wormwood from the end of days. Now in the books I have they say it's an evil angel or demon "A power of air" denoting satan, in other sources it says it's a force of God, like a weapon or a comet. It will burn and scorch the earth and poison the waters and the dead will come back to life are all associated myths with Wormwood (aside from the fact that it is just a bushy plant, Google image it). So I trid to incorporate all these. Here we see a demonic comet or orb in the sky on fire and comprised of hellish souls. We see it scorching the earth and spewing necrotic poison corrupting the land and water and animating the dead (not shown). With some of these creatures it's rather difficult to pin down a consistent description. Mixing them all if you can sometimes doesn't turn out so bad.
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I have read a lot in the bible about how wormwood is used to symbolize bitterness

I dunno, for some reason that verse about the star wormwood resonates with me

It's scary isn't it? 
jdsantiagojr Sep 16, 2009
looks really cool, I like your line work
YIKES! What a horrifying visage this apparition is! This is worthy of some of the descriptions in the apocolyptic book revelations! Hell, this would be a great illustration for the bible! If hellfire preachers want to scare the shit out of their flock, this would definately do it! An awesome picture, drow!
RaXt0r Sep 16, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
wouldnt want be hit by that ugly mofo when jerking off to the stars D=
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