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I'm making my own Monster Manual. I'm kind of getting fed up with D&D monsters more and more as I read books on myth, legends and what not.  I finally decided I would just make my own Monster Manual from the floor up, only it would be more accurate to the lore of the creature being displayed…generally. And what I mean when I say generally is that a lot of these creatures are form separate lore, cultures, and times, so to cohesively put them together in the same world you have to bend a little, not as much as D&D (they got ridiculous with it) but just a bit. For instance, I put Hydra under the species of Wyrm even though it's a creature born from a titan; but in order to have that I have to have Greek creation myth in my world and if I have that than what about non-Greek monsters and on and on, the snowball effect of it is apparent, as you can see. So this is why a Hydra is no longer the child of a titan and a species of Wyrm instead. We could say that the Greeks THOUHGT it was a child of a titan and had no knowledge of wyrms and so, in this hypothetical instance, mistook it for a god spawnling, and could think of nothing else it could be. But the Hydra is essentially still a Hydra.

It can be difficult adding all these creatures together, especially when some are so similar and even more so when a few different creatures are the same but changed through history, as with the example of the Vampire; Starting off as Ghouls (basically bloated flesh eating blood drinking corpses that went out at night and went back in the grave during the day) then changing into more of the Nosferatu type (animalistic blood drinkers and horribly ugly) and finally becoming the "Vampire" which is an intelligent undead capable of blending in with an affinity for blood. I won't go past this point as the Twilight Vampires are just too gay for my tastes and will never be vampires in my eyes nor will I accept the "diseased" vampirism pop-culture myth as it is no longer an undead but a mutated human with an affliction, and I feel being undead is a strong defining characteristic of a vampire. And of course splitting off from ghouls was pop-culture Zombies who eat flesh and turn others to zombies, when actually that is the description of ghouls and REAL zombies don't eat flesh or turn others at all, they just kill and are created by witch doctors or necromancers. So we can see how a myth evolved in different directions. I am then stuck with the decision to keep them separate or unify them sometimes. Many times I keep them separate if the individual myths (as in the case of the vampire) are strong enough in their identity to feel separate and are in good taste. Other times I just meld them together if they are similar enough, like the hundreds of different evil water nymphs/female fairies existing in Russia, Celtic myth, Scandinavian, etc. all having different names and all practically looking basically the same and all doing the same thing, dragging men or children to their deaths. So in this case I just make it one creature and say it has many different names and is known by many different cultures, we can't have 20 evil water nymphs/hags all being and doing the exact same thing in a single cohesive fantasy world.

Many of the creatures are already finished, inked and markered and many are still in the pencils, about 30 or more are done another 30 half-finished and many, many in pencil form. But I will not be releasing it all at once.  Some of my other categories are going to be used for the Monster Manual anyways, like many of the demons and angels in the Hoof Horn and Wing series, I didn't feel it necessary to illustrate new pictures for the same thing, but who knows, maybe I will. I purchased the Goetia a year ago and in it have very interesting depictions of classic demons. Or maybe I'll just make my version of the Goetia demons, as they are kind of dopy looking even though they are skillfully done, making them a bit more hellish and scary looking.

As a last note I would like to say, as I always do, that the vast majority of my work (characters, creatures and races uniquely created by me, NOT traditional races like high-elves and orcs) are registered with the Library of Congress and are legal intellectual property of Isaac Horn. I got the papers to prove it (along with the original artwork) so no stealing, please (have some decency). A lot of viewers take my art and display it on other sites without asking me. I can't stop this from happening, it is the mistake and curse of showing your art online, but all I ask is to give credit where it's due. Put my name on your gallery please. If by chance you make money of my intellectual property, consider it mine, as I will have the legal right to sue and take it all.
I apologize for the nervous overly protective nature of my art, but as you know there are a lot of jackals out there and a lot of artist who have fallen victim to them, I'm just trying to cover my ass. If I would have known this was an eventuality I might have never posted, but I'm here now and have to make the best of it.

In any case here is the direct link to the Monster Manual section of my gallery --->…
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Isaac Horn
United States
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Personal Quote: "I'm still alive."

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Bernardumaine Apr 13, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for faving ! :D (Big Grin)
nekrosith Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome designs :)
Have a llama from me ;)
THANKS!  :D  What do we do with the lamas? I have some and ever since I got them I'm not sure what they are for.
nekrosith Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You just enjoy because you have them :D lol
You're welcome ;)
DiegoBastet Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Every time I come here I can only think that someday you should try more D&D classics. I fully understand you like to draw your own demons and such monsters, but I can't stop thinking that the classical D&D grazzt by your hand would be amazing.
There is bound to be something to parallel it in Mid-World. I don't like giving up on a great concept. For Grazzt that would be Ilithra who, like Grazzt, is a play on the Lilith archetype. And I don't hate D&D, I would play me some Pathfider in a heartbeat. i just no longer like running it. Broken ass game with tons of problems and I would rather leave that headache to someone else while I play. 
PatrickMcDonald1 Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the +fav 's
Hey, I saw some of your work in my deviantwatch alerts, I'm glad to see that your not dead or have lost interest in artistic creations.  I have a question from one creative thinker to another (or from one moderately creative person to one with greater talent).  I've been playing a game called Warframe for a while now (it's a free-to-play, over-the-shoulder space ninja action RPG shooter that's really awesome), they have a lot of different characters (or different frames) that suit a lot of different play styles (from stealthy support and assassins to tanky slaughter houses and platoon-vaporizing casters) and they all have 4 abilities with a base or theme to them (example: Ember=fire, Frost=ice, Rhino=tanky slaughterhouse, etc.) and I had an idea for my own.

My question is, can you think of a better name than Scylla (if you look in the scraps section of my gallery you can see the picture I made in in the description I have a link to the warframe forums thread that has her details (what her abilities are, what her base is, that sort of thing)? Scylla was the only one I can think of that could relate to a female cephalopodan, sea creature, mimic character; if you have one please let me know.
My scylla is still only in pencil, I haven't inked her or markered (is that a word?) yet. As far as naming your warframe? Um... well, naming mechs and modern machinery after Greek myths is fairly normal I suppose but if I am understanding you you want to know what would merit something named after Scylla? Or what powers of Scylla would be emulated? First thing is water, if it's an undersea thingy that could be grounds enough. Other attributes that make poor Scylla what she is would be her 6 dog heads, tentacles and female appearance. I would play with those ideas maybe. What you got there looks like Sil. ;)
sorry for the late response, I wasn't looking for a name that merits Scylla, I was looking for a name more fitting to a female character with mimetic cephalopodan, mollusk, or octopi-like abilities.  do you know of any other name of a being or beings in any mythology (preferably one that's female, but will settle for a unisex one if none are available) that possessed mimetic abilities or whose description could vaguely hint at a pseudo-cephalopodan origin (having tentacles basically, if medusa existed she could have had tentacles for hair, because if you've never seen an octopus, squid or any kind of creature like that, how else would you describe a creature with that many writhing prehensile appendages in place of their hair).

I also can't wait to see your Scylla, especially if she's naked (if not then I still want to see her because your art is awesome, boobies or not).  I also think the term 'inked' could also apply to using markers as well, because I think they use a type of ink.

I wasn't really trying to go for the 'Sil' look, but I guess it turned out that way.  anything anyone does could in art or media could always look like something else such as Dren from the movie 'Splice', in some shots kind of looks like some of your Drulls (makes me wonder if they were inspired by your work, because I remember seeing your art around the net long before that movie was made)
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